Presenting the Raccroon Raiders

This unique collection features a diverse range of digital raccoon characters, 1000 NFTs in total, each meticulously designed to showcase unique traits and backgrounds.

Holders of these NFTs will enjoy exclusive access to community events, special voting rights on key decisions, and the opportunity to receive future airdrops. Furthermore, a portion of all sales from the secondary market will be funneled into a community wallet, which will finance further development and reward active community members.

NFTs Utilities:

  • Collectible NFTs and profile pictures
  • $RCO buy back and burn using the NFT collection royalties fees
  • NFT owners to receive a percentage of the NFT collection royalties fees
  • Limited edition phisical merchandise such as clothing, prints, or collectibles that can be claimed only by NFT owners.
  • Boost and incentives in the upcoming $RCO staking